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Yeotown & The Pure Package Madeira - Nutrition in Practice Madeira Retreat

Yeotown & The Pure Package Madeira

This October we’re thrilled to be teaming up with Yeotown to offer an exclusive guest retreat in Madeira. The Pure Package ‘Nutrition in Practice’ retreat, run by our Founder, Jennifer Irvine, will be focused on portion control, mindful eating, gut health, and the science behind diet.

The retreat will include incredible coastal and mountain hiking above the clouds, daily yoga at sunrise, breath and movement at sunset, functional fitness sessions, meditation, bio-hacking discussions, swimming (both ocean and pool) and Yeotown’s signature variety of massages each full day. Guests are immersed in ways of which to achieve greater mindfulness around their health and a better balance in life.In addition, Jennifer and the team will get you ‘hands-on’ in the Yeotown kitchen, offering you tips and tricks to make healthy eating more practical and doable.

Yeotown retreats are not a juice fast, boot camp, weight loss holiday or fat farm, but rather a healthy lifestyle retreat. The programme is more focused on what you can gain rather than deprivation or restriction. The Pure Package, ‘Nutrition in Practice’ retreat will be taking place on Monday 10th – Saturday 15th October. Book your place here.

yeotown x pure package

We have also collaborated with Yeotown on a pescatarian/vegan/vegetarian food package. We are giving retreat guests £100 off the optional add-on of 10 days of food (5 before the retreat and 5 on return) and a complimentary nutritional consultation.The package includes three meals and two snacks delivered daily and personalised to your needs. 

During your nutritional consultation, our in-house nutritionists will factor in your health habits, eating preferences, long-term goals, and other lifestyle factors to ensure you receive the best plan for your needs. This will enable you to continue your health journey and reach your health goals even quicker. In addition, you’ll receive constant support, advice, and communication to support your journey.


  • Experienced chefs and an award-winning team
  • Gourmet delivery service
  • Ethically sourced
  • Saves you time and energy
  • Helps you break old habits
  • Provides varied, exciting meals
  • No meal prep involved
  • Carbon-neutralised deliveries
  • Blast chilling to ensure freshness
  • Five star kitchen