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Paleo-Inspired meal delivery Paleo-Inspired meal delivery

What is Paleo?

The ‘Pay-Lee-Oh’ diet is governed by what the caveman ate. It strips back the modern diet to include the food that could only be sourced by hunting or gathering – meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables and nuts. Evolutionarily speaking, the popularity of the paleo diet has been favoured as being more suited to our biology.

Paleo-InspiredPrimitive man

A core principle is that it excludes low quality, processed food items. It is therefore naturally low in carbohydrates and food that would require processing, some of which have been linked to a prevalence of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.


What are the benefits of going Paleo?

A paleo-inspired diet has been especially associated or being beneficial for people with diabetes for those who are prediabetic. This is because it may increase insulin sensitivity, improve heart health, support energy levels and reduce inflammation. Importantly, the combination of reducing processed and high GI foods can help to reduce body fat and facilitate weight loss.

Going paleo is by no means easy and for this reason we designed a ‘paleo-inspired’ programme. It comprises the core principles of the paleo diet, such as the removal of legumes, wholegrains, gluten and dairy but leaves in some starchy vegetables and fruit. It’s rich in nourishing, nutrient dense food to encourage a resilient immune system and improve our body composition.

Head to our Paleo-Inspired Package to find out more about our bespoke Paleo-inspired programme and see a sample menu.