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Tips for Exercising Outdoors

With the sunshine showing no signs of disappearing (hurray!), it is very tempting to switch your workout to outside. Here are a few essential tips for staying safe outdoors so you can focus on enjoying your time exercising outdoors:

  • Take plenty of water with you. This one is especially important, particularly in this weather. Make sure to stay hydrated whilst exercising and replenish your fluids once you have finished also.
  • Listen to your body. In this hot weather, exercise is more demanding on your body. What you can do inside the gym in air conditioning may feel challenging in the heat. Keep in mind to stop or take it easier if you feel like you are struggling. Particularly if you haven’t worked out in this heat before, it does take some training to get used to- start easy and progress if you feel able. This will be much more comfortable than going full force and having to stop!
  • Why not try our Training Support Diet Plan.
  • Try and stick to the shade. This will help you to not overheat. Try and exercise out of the direct sunlight and again, if you start to feel faint or ill, stop and sit in the shade, ensuring to drink water.
  • Wear a hat and sun cream. Protect your head and your skin from the sunshine! It may also be a good idea to wet a cloth and pop it under your hat. This will help to keep you cool in the heat.
  • Finish off with a cold shower- simply because you deserve it!

It can be more tiring to exercise outdoors but it can also be really rewarding as well and especially when running it can be great to get out and find a new route with each run! You may also want to try finding an exercise class in your local park or even join a local sports team. Exercising outdoors in the sunshine can be great fun and why not top up your vitamin D levels whilst improving your fitness too!