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Targeted fat loss

Is it possible to target specific areas for fat loss?

Abs. We’ve all got them. But if we’re not at our optimum weight, layers of fat cover our stomach, making us wonder if our abs have gone forever.

The good news is that everybody can reduce their body fat with the right nutrition and exercise. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to target specific areas of the body like your tummy or arms. Follow these top tips to get yourself in shape for the summer.

  • Beat the bloat. Certain meals can make our stomachs look bigger than they are. This is often caused by a build-up of gas in the gastrointestinal tract. Ensure you eat plenty of gut-friendly foods like bananas, kefir, olive oil and vegetables. They will encourage your body to digest foods without the discomfort of bloating.
  • Although it’s not possible to target areas for fat loss, certain exercises, like abdominal crunches and weighted squats, create strong, defined muscles ready to be revealed after you’ve lost weight.
  • Be wary of quick fixes. Paying someone to suck, burn and freeze away unwanted body fat is certainly seductively. But these treatments do not work for everyone, carry a level of risk and haven’t yet been proved to combat weight loss in the long term.

If you want healthy, sustainable weight loss results, you’ll need to make the right food choices. At the Pure Package, we do the hard work for you with our specialised, individual meal plans.