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Finger touches surface of mountain lake. Hand reflection Finger touches surface of mountain lake. Hand reflection

Staying mentally fresh


‘All of humanities problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone’ Blaise Pascal. Keeping the mind occupied is one of lifes hardest tasks, especially now we perhaps feel disconnected from our friends and family. How often have we heard that we must learn be bored?  


We have some top tips to keep you mind at ease during times that may cause us to panic and lose perspective.

Variety is key mentally fresh – routine is recommended, getting stuck in a rut is not. Plan your day; your workload, your to-do list and your daily exercise, but keep it varied and exciting. Mix up your exercise classes including a combination of strength and cardio and do one thing every day that you love.  

Mental check in – try journaling or keeping a diary during these times. Ask yourself how youre feeling and write down your stresses each night. Doing this as a couple or with family members is a great way to release some anxiety at the end of the day.  

Look forward– although many things are so uncertain, and we dont yet have all the answers. Take comfort in the fact that this will end one day, and we will all come out the other side stronger, kinder and more connected than ever before.  

Self-care – never has looking after yourself been so important. Whilst your usual self-care acts may now not be available due to the closing of spas, hairdressers, gyms etc. Instead, why not have an at home’ spa day, read a book, call a family member or friend, practice some new recipes, do some online shopping or give yourself some time to simply pause and reflect.  


As always, we hope some of these suggestions help but if there is anything else, we can do to help you, please let us know. We will continue to share tools and nutritional tips to help you stay healthy on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We’d love to hear from you. It’s good to talk.