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Jennifer Irvine with a Pure Package which can help you to lose weight well Jennifer Irvine with a Pure Package which can help you to lose weight well

How To Stay On Top Of Weight Loss

Here at The Pure Package, we’re firm believers in sustainable eating patterns, and know that the majority of the time when you ‘diet’ fat isn’t lost for good, instead just while you’re doing that diet. We feel that weight is best lost and maintained by making food and lifestyle changes that are sustainable in the long run- changes you can make and stick to. Food groups don’t need to be completely removed and guilt doesn’t need to be a feeling we experience when trying to stay on top of our weight loss.

Read on for our thoughts on how to stay on top of weight loss.


Eat a whole-food and nutrient-dense diet

Whole foods are those that have gone through minimal processing and are therefore in their raw form. Whole food-rich diets are great because they supply far more health benefits to the body- such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and are often high in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and fibre which are beneficial for a healthy gut.

Fibre helps to regulate the body’s use of sugar, keeping our blood sugar levels and hunger in check. This means we’re far less likely to snack and stay fuller for longer- which can be a great help when trying to lose weight.


Whole foods include:
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Fresh animal proteins


Drink lots of water

Keeping the body hydrated is endlessly important for ensuring our body is at its healthiest- especially when we’re trying to lose weight. Water is fantastic for curbing hunger- in that often when we feel hunger pangs it is sometimes thirst in disguise. Feel like having an unhealthy snack? Try drinking a glass of water first and seeing if this satiates you. Water is filling too, so drink a glass before meals as this can help to limit overeating.


Eat enough protein

Not only does protein help to fill you up, but it also helps to preserve muscle mass. The more muscle present in our bodies, the higher our metabolism becomes, and the higher the metabolism, the more calories our bodies burn, making it easier to lose weight and stay on top of weight loss.


Plan your meals

Ensuring you’ve always got healthy meals and snacks waiting for you means you’re far less likely to give in to unhealthy options in a pinch. Planning meals in advance and ensuring you’ve got the ingredients at home is a great start, but the Pure Package makes sticking to healthy meals and snacks even easier. Optimised to your health and lifestyle goals and packed with fresh produce and whole foods, The Pure Package takes away the need to plan or cook by providing you with three meals and two snacks delivered to your door every day. Losing weight has never been so straightforward with calorie-controlled meals full of all the nutrients you need.


Speak to a nutritionist

Having help with what foods you should be eating and avoiding can be the helping hand you need for staying on top of healthy weight loss. At The Pure Package, we offer bespoke nutritionist consultations for our clients to find out the best way they can achieve their health goals alongside their lifestyle choices. Speak to one of our in-house nutritionists now and get a recommendation for the perfect Pure Package plan for you to succeed, alongside tailored advice and input on healthy weight loss.

Book a nutritionist consultation now.


Take your time

Losing weight well and staying on track takes time because healthy and sustainable weight loss isn’t a quick fix. Eating well and changing your lifestyle is a long-term benefit-reaper, and weight loss is much more likely to stick if you’re losing weight without crash or fad diets. Set yourself manageable goals to stay on top of weight loss, and track your progress in more ways than a number on the scale. Measure success by how you feel, body measurements, muscle mass, how your clothes fit, or any other methods that work for you. When goals are manageable and trackable you’re much more likely to stay on track.

Falling into crash diets and yoyo dieting habits can be easy- desperate can lead some people to attempt rash and rapid measures to lose weight. Before starting these diets we should ask ourselves, ‘Is this something I can keep up long term?’. If the answer to this is no then we probably shouldn’t do it. Crash diets and cutting calories extremely low can cause a crashed metabolism- meaning you burn far fewer calories in a day. Though you may lose weight at first, as soon as a normal diet is followed again the weight you lost and more is likely to be put back on, and it will take a long time to get your metabolism back to normal and find weight loss doable again.

When following a healthy diet, try to concentrate less on weight loss and more on making healthy habits that will benefit you in the long run.

Though calorie-controlled, The Pure Package doesn’t drastically drop your calories, and instead ensures you’re getting the optimal amount to help you lose weight healthily and sustainably, Find your perfect plan here.


Get enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep can not only make you hungrier but can also slow your metabolism- making it harder to lose weight. Heightened hunger is a large cause of weight gain, and when we’re hungry we’re far more likely to give in to unhealthy snacks. Getting a good and even sleep schedule will help you to stay on top of your weight loss and ensure you’re not unnecessarily hungry and keep your metabolism stable.


Cut down on alcohol

While casual alcohol drinking is something many enjoy, and something that is absolutely fine to indulge in on occasion, you may want to consider cutting down on excessive alcohol drinking to help aid weight loss. Alcohol contains high amounts of calories that often get burned first instead of fat stores, making you more likely to put on weight while drinking. Additionally, alcohol slows your metabolism, which makes it harder for your body to process fats and sugars. Reducing your alcohol intake can help to start speeding up your metabolism and help you with your weight loss journey.


Let yourself enjoy treats

For some, treats can be an important part of life, and depriving yourself of the occasional treat can lead to cravings, binges, and intense feelings of guilt. The idea of never eating a treat again can be torturous and lead you to want to give up on your diet. However, enjoying the occasional treat can make dieting far easier, and make following a healthy and balanced plan much more achievable. Try not to punish yourself for slipping up and eating something you feel you shouldn’t have- there’s no harm in the occasional treat or slip up, and the strength is in being able to get back into your healthy swing again.

Our healthy snacks are so delicious they feel like treats! Enjoy our Dark Belgian Chocolate Mousse, or our Black Bean & Dark Chocolate Brownie without feeling like you’re breaking the diet at all! Browse our plans now.


Get exercise

Combining regular exercise with healthy eating can help to increase the effectiveness of your weight loss regime and help you to stay on top of it. Exercise burns calories and helps to build muscle mass which helps to raise the metabolism and therefore burn these calories even faster. Include cardio and strength training to reap the great benefits of both.


Staying on top of weight loss can be something that fluctuates as we progress through life. Trying to stay healthy every single day may feel unrealistic, and often its worth reminding ourselves that a slow and steady approach- that may have bumps in the road, is the best way to lose weight well and consistently.

At The Pure Package, we aim to help your live your healthiest life, with nutritionally planned and chef-prepared meals and snacks each day, so that diet is one less thing you have to worry about. Browse our packages here or book a nutritionist consultation here.