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How to eat the Downton Abbey way

If you are anything like us, you have most likely marvelled over the sumptuous and extravagant spreads featured in Downton Abbey. Just like their astounding costumes, the food is a showcase of the Crawleys’ luxurious lifestyle and much of the family’s interaction happens at the dining table.

In light of the film premiere, we have put together a list of what it takes to eat like a member of the Crawley family; from dinning etiquette and conversation topics to avoid, to eating seasonally and having your breakfast served in bed every morning.

It might be worth considering a few of the important points below before your next Downton Abbey themed dinner party?

Table manners: everyone in Downton Abbey dresses formally for dinner, guests or no guests. Back should never be touching the chair and different sized napkins are used for lunch, tea, dinner and cocktails. Guests are usually split boy-girl, however married couples don’t sit together. Ladies are expected to speak to the gentleman next to them, until the main Lady gives a gentle cough, which is a que to turn to their other neighbour. This is known as turning tables. Money, sex, health and politics are not allowed to be discussed at the table as those subjects are considered vulgar.

Eating what’s in season is something that we at Pure Package are also big fans of, just like the Crawley family. In those days, estates like Downton Abbey would have been completely self-sufficient. This means that all the vegetables, meat, dairy and fruit came from the estate and they would all be organic. Talk about farm to fork at its best! Something that is quite rare and hard to imagine these days when most of our food is imported.
the downton abbey cookbook

Pudding is not dessert in Downton Abbey. Pudding is served after the main meal and it is a sweet course. Dessert, however, only comes after pudding and it is a fruit course. And naturally, it has to be eaten with a knife and fork.

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