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Guilt Free Christmas

3 Ways to enjoy the festivities guilt free!


Christmas and New Year are beautiful occasions however it is often a period of increased anxiety, stress and unfortunately we often worry about the prospect of changing our daily routine. We are creatures of habit and more than often over the festive period we sleep in a different bed, eat different food and are far away from our evening gym class. It’s ok to feel nervous. I’m here to tell you that it’s ok and to provide you with a few tips on how to cope with the short term seasonal stress.


  1. It’s not for long.  Often we visit friends and family over Xmas. We eat foods we don’t usually have on a daily basis. Canapes I’m looking right at you and as a result forget what real hunger feels like. However allowing yourself to indulge and to challenge your routine is great for the body and the mind. Permitting yourself treats limits the likelihood of restrictive behaviour and brings about a sense of normality.


  1. Give your mind and body a vacation. It’s exhausting sometimes; to plan and prepare healthy food, as good as we are at it. Xmas is time to allow yourself to enjoy all the foods that somehow make their way onto the ‘treat day’ list. Your body is so kind to you so be kind back by giving into your cravings and allowing it to have what it wants. Our programmes are always about balance.


  1. You’re on your own path. Try not to allow others to discourage and dissuade you from making your own choices. You are in your own lane, you are in charge of what you eat, when you eat and what exercise you do. Give your body the rest it needs and take some time to reconnect with what makes ‘you’ tick. More often than not we get be swayed by others. A New Year is a great time to re-evaluate the real you.