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Five ways to feel more body confident

Negative self-talk is unkind and rude. If we said the same negative things to our friends that we constantly say to ourselves, we would have no friends left.

We understand that everyone struggles with certain areas of their body, but this blog is all about focusing on the many wonderful things we often fail to appreciate. Whether it be your thighs, stomach or your hips, these problem areas seem grab our focus and are mental energy drainers. How much time would you say that you think about your insecurities on a daily basis? Time that could be much better spent on far more important things.

Our world is very dysfunctional – there’s a higher priority on the size of our body than the kindness of our soul. Here are 5 little tips that may just help you flip that concept around.


Your body is more than what it looks like.

Even the worst culprits amongst us can find something that they like about their body. It doesn’t even have to be physical. Perhaps it’s about appreciating what our body has done for you. Maybe it has supported your baby for 9 months or has shown strength and resilience when exercising. Be kind to your body and it’ll be kind back. One way to be kind is to feed it nourishing food. Our packages are balanced, nutritious and can be personally tailored to your health goals and lifestyle.


Comparisons are the thief of joy.

Comparing yourself to someone else is instinctual, we do it without even thinking. Whether it be on street or on social media. Society’s idealism of ‘beauty’ is hard to escape from and can leave you feeling insignificant and inferior. Don’t give other people the power to influence your thoughts. Fall in love with your uniqueness because you never truly know what others are thinking, after all, they could be looking at you wishing they looked like you.


Hindsight is a powerful tool.

Imagine you are 20 years older than you are now. Wouldn’t it be nice to able to look back on your life without regrets, without the self-doubt problems, without the inferiority complexes that tell you not to go to that party. Using this mind-set gives us to ability to distinguish the things that matter and the things that really don’t. So when you’re feeling negative about your body, try to consider your future self and listen to what they would say.


Invest in what makes you feel good.

You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds but investing a little time into finding great clothes can go miles for helping you to appreciate your body. Clothes that fit well, flatter your body shape and make you feel amazing in comparison to tight and uncomfortable clothes that can lead to feeling insecure really helps you to look at your body in a kinder fashion. It doesn’t even have to be clothing. Sometimes the simple task of looking after your skin or getting a haircut can be the ticket to a confidence boost. Investing in a good diet is empirical to looking and feeling your best. Our weight loss programme is varied and contains lots of nutrients to not only give you energy but also promotes a positive mindset.


Take charge of what you can change.

There’s very little point in focusing on the things that are out of your control when that energy could be spent elsewhere. External perfectionism is a concept that never truly exists. Flaws are what make us; these beautiful imperfections encompass everything that is ‘you’. Taking this approach everyday sends a very powerful empowering message to the brain and helps to improve on our body confidence time and time again.