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Client testimonial

Messages from Odai back in October 2019

Odai, 20, is a law student who lives and studies in London. He’s four months into his bespoke subscription programme and is thrilled with the results so far. This is what he has to say about The Pure Package.

Hi Odai. What changes have you noticed since subscribing to The Pure Package?
I’ve noticed a major change in my body since starting the ‘Performance Plan’. I’ve lost around 9.5kg of fat and I’m feeling more toned and fitter than ever. To see any kind of result or noticeable change, it all goes back to what you eat and how good your diet is.

We’re glad you’re so happy with the service. How would you rate your customer experience?
I love how easy the whole Pure Package process is – from selecting a meal plan to signing up and receiving my packages. The meals arrive fully prepared and ready to eat, saving me time and helping me achieve my weight loss goals efficiently and quickly.

Great. Which leaves you more time to study and flex those impressive abs. Any advice to readers considering subscribing to our service?
I’m an advocate of healthy living and I hope by sharing my results, I can encourage more people to improve their diet. The Pure Package’s healthy food is, and always will be, my go-to diet. It’s helped me so much and allowed me to reach my goal so quickly.