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5 Tips for Sticking to your New Year Goals

How often have you dived head first into the New Year with extremely strict guidelines for your diet and exercise regime?

And how often after 2 weeks have you given up and slumped back into your old habits? Sound familiar?

That’s because patience is not a strong suit of many. If we can’t have it now, we don’t want it. New Year isn’t about re-inventing yourself. It’s for finding your best bits and embracing them. We like to call this changing your perspective.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to follow the ‘New Year’ manual. To lose weight, to be more active, to focus on our mental health, to give up alcohol, fat, sugar, salt. No wonder we throw in the towel. We’re only human but society’s expectations and our own expectations are far too high. It’s far better to focus on ONE thing and do it WELL!

  1. Chose ONE thing. Whether that be incorporating more green vegetables into your diet. Trying to use your phone less in the evening. Reducing the amount of times you take the car opposed to walking. Even if it’s just trying to reduce your portion size. It has been found that having one focus rather than multiple is far more achievable and effective. You are now responsible for ONE thing. How hard can that be?
  2. Be patient. Whatever your goal may be, don’t rush it. After all, you’re only racing against yourself. Different goals and ambitions take different amounts of time. Whether that be running a marathon in a certain time or being better at recycling. Celebrate the small victories and you’ll soon realise how far you’ve come.
  3. Choose something you care about. A proper resolution should have been well thought out. Don’t make your resolution on New Year’s Eve as this will be influenced by your mind set on one particular day. Plan ahead and make realistic goals that seem manageable. For example, following one of our programmes makes dieting super easy. Take a look at our weight loss programme for more information.
  4. Tell people about it. Resolutions that you ‘kept to yourself’ are ‘optional’ since they are private. You will have a great sense of pride when people ask you about it and you can tell them that it’s going well.
  5. Put your money where your mouth is. One reason why people tend to give up on their resolutions is that there are very few tangible consequences if they don’t follow through. A great tip is to create a consequence that hurts. For example, place a monetary consequence every 2 weeks, increasing or decreasing as time goes by.