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Why we’re embracing second helpings this Christmas


Why we’re embracing second helpings this Christmas


Drink lots of water, bring your own snacks, eat beforehand…the tips to avoiding indulging at this time of year can seem endless. But the problem with trying to avoid the generous spread of food that greets us at nearly every party and family gathering is that we set ourselves up for failure from the beginning.

We know that this time of year is centred around sharing food with friends and family. It’s likely you’ll eat more (and drink more) than you would normally on a daily basis. And at The Pure Package we don’t think anyone should feel guilty for filling up on extra hearty and yes, fattening, foods a few days out of the year. If you have a healthy relationship with food and eat a well-balanced diet the rest of the year, there’s no reason to say no to the four different types of carbs being passed around the table. In fact, allowing yourself to indulge over the festive period really shouldn’t impact your weight or health at all.

One day of poor eating isn’t going to make you gain weight.

One unhealthy meal is not going to cause you to gain weight, just like one healthy meal doesn’t cause you to lose weight, although you might feel a little bloated. The habits you have most days are what matter.

But tossing aside your healthy habits over a few months can.

Some people look at November and December as a time to let loose before getting back on track on January.  Christmas time is particularly difficult with multiple parties per week, more alcohol than normal, extra treats and snacks in the office, and more and this can make it easy to go off track. Undoing healthy habits over a period of weeks or months can lead to gaining a few extra pounds.

When indulging, do so mindfully.

Keep in mind that indulging is different to binging. No one wants to feel so uncomfortably full that they can’t enjoy the rest of the day. The way to avoid this is to be more mindful of what and how you’re eating. Mindful eating encourages us to sit down, slow down, and enjoy our food, this method helps us manage our appetites better by listening to our bodies and our hunger cues.

Feeling guilty about food is counterproductive, 365 days a year, and especially during the holidays.

Many people feel bad about indulging in general. But feeling guilty can actually backfire. Research has shown when you feel guilty eating something, you tend to eat it quickly and don’t pay full attention to it. This causes you to be less satisfied and crave more unhealthy foods.

At The Pure Package, we understand how difficult it can be to follow a healthy lifestyle- especially during the holiday season. So, if you want to stay on track (most of the time) during the party season or simply want to book your Pure Package ahead for the new year, book a consultation today and discover a tailored meal plan prepared and delivered just for you.