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Detox Detox

Reset & Restore

Reset digestion, restore gut health, and increase your immune function.

This cleanse is designed to promote weight loss as a natural result of resetting and restoring gut health. It nourishes the body to restore balance, without depriving you of energy or nutrients. It aims to reverse the damage caused by excess sugar, refined carbs, alcohol, inflammatory foods, and lack of rest during party season. Each meal has been carefully balanced to support gut health, liver detoxification and metabolism. Every broth and meal arrives prepared whilst raw ingredients are prepped and packed for you to blend each morning for a fresh smoothie with no loss of nutrients.
This programme is available for a limited time only and will run from Thursday 5th January until 2nd February 2023. The minimum duration for this plan is 5 days, as this will encourage optimal results, and clients have the choice between everyday deliveries or weekday only.
If you’re interested in hearing more about the limited edition Reset & Restore programme launching in January please fill in the form and our nutritionists will contact you to arrange your deliveries.
Download a sample menu here.


The first 100 clients to purchase the Reset & Restore program will receive an exclusive Wellness Goody Bag with goodies from brands such as:

Hampstead Tea



Momo Kombucha

Land & Water


Spectacle Skincare


Newton Wood