Age should never be a barrier to looking and feeling fantastic. This programme is rich in antioxidants and high-quality proteins, whilst excluding refined sugar and dairy to reduce inflammation, which can help to slow down the ageing process. It is packed full of probiotics to support gut-health which is central to promoting health and radiance. Based on our Healthy Eating programme. the Longevity programme is designed to facilitate sustainable weight-loss or weight-maintenance without feeling deprived or hungry and is nutritionally tailored to support hormonal health.

New to The Pure Package? Contact our client managers and they will assess your goals and guide you through the process. We can design a tailored diet that will keep you on track whether that be to support you in a fitness endeavour or to lose weight sustainably. Our programmes give you the gift of convenience to fit in around your busy life.


  • Energy boosting
  • Packed full of high quality protein, probiotics and antioxidants
  • Weight management
  • Supports hormonal health
  • Time saving
  • Convenient gourmet food, ethically sourced
  • Healthy meals delivered to your door

Sample Menu

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon & Avocado
Free-range eggs served with fresh baby spinach, avocado and julienned smoked salmon. Avocadoes are a good source of fibre, which contributes to weight loss and is strongly linked to a lower risk of many diseases.

Morning Snack: Pineapple & Coconut
Pineapple contains an antibacterial enzyme called bromelain, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Lunch: Roasted Butternut & Chickpea Salad
Spiced butternut squash salad served with quinoa, chickpeas and a raspberry dressing on a bed of fresh leaves.

Afternoon Snack: Mediterranean Bean Dip & Crudités
Mediterranean inspired dip made with butter beans, mixed herbs and anchovies. This dip is served with red pepper and celery batons.

Dinner: Miso Cod & Sesame Wild Rice
Miso marinated cod fillets served with wild sesame rice, kale and carrot stir fry. White fish is a lean protein providing amino acids to rebuild and repair cells.

We all want to live long and healthy lives – and the Pure Package helps you to do just that" Angela Rippon CBE
“I’ve been recommending the Pure Package to our clients for many years now. They are the original and in my opinion the best at what they do." Dan Roberts - Founder and Head Coach of The Dan Roberts Group
Like all nutrition professionals, I work with clients to improve their health through diet, and always recommend Pure Package to those looking for convenient, first rate backed up by solid nutritional principles". Ian Marber - Nutritional Therapist and Health Writer
“After 10 days on the Programme you will start to notice the benefits and certainly after 30 days will experience improved energy, feel more alert, better mood, sleep quality, stress resilience, skin improves, and less aches & pain.” Patrick Holford - Leading Nutrition Expert
“Being a consultant for the Pure Package I am fully aware of the significance of a good healthy diet. As a delivery service, the Pure Package, aims to provide a convenient service, also producing delicious yet nutritious food to all of their customers.” Rita Arora - Independent Wellness and Nutrition Expert
“Pure Package is Pure Genius – Jenny Irvine and the team at Pure Package craft beautifully healthy, nutritious and most importantly tasty meals. For the busy person who has the conflicting pull to want to achieve health but is thwarted by life – Pure Package is THE solution” Kate Cook - Harley Street Nutritionist, Author, International Speaker and Food Activist