“Thank You For Helping Me Recognise Myself Again”

“In doing The Pure Package, I have lost 6 kilos in 30 days and my skin and hair are happy again.

I am also returning to my confident, normal person and my husband is beginning to recognise me once more.

I used you because, prior to having a baby in December last year, I trained and worked as a stuntwoman as well as running a bespoke womenswear business and so was slim, fit and confident.

I had a terrible pregnancy which devastated me physically and mentally and have found it hard to cope with excess weight and bad skin and hair subsequently. I am good at eating healthily but where you helped so much was portion control because I realised I was still eating as if I were pregnant and hence was not losing weight.

I spend a lot of time working with clients on an individual basis, many of whom are anxious to lose weight or have various health problems so I shall definitely recommend you.

Thank you for helping me recognise myself again and for giving my husband back a wife who doesn’t cry the whole time and hate herself.”

~ Antonia Pugh-Thomas, Fulham