The Pure Package Was Exactly What I Needed

“I knew what I needed to do to lose weight and get healthy but I just was not able to execute the game plan on my own.

Luckily, my nutritionist suggested Pure Package as a springboard to get me on track.

I tried The Pure Package for 10 days and by Day 2… I was totally hooked! The food is great with lots of variety so you won’t get bored, in fact, the menu does not repeat for 6 weeks (similar ingredients are used but presented in so many different ways) which is fantastic. I loved that I did not need to shop or cook or worry about what I was going to eat on any given day which really freed up a lot of my time.

The Pure Package really made it easy for me to lose weight – I hit my initial goal of 30lbs in 13 weeks – that is over 2 stone!! My BMI is now in the healthy range and I lost approximately 8 inches around my waist and dropped at least 2 dress sizes. Frankly before I started, I wasn’t sure I would even be able to lose 20lbs! They do a great job making the programme as flexible as possible to suit your schedule and I love the daily deliveries to my doorstep every morning.

If you are serious about eating well and losing weight at the same time, I highly recommended The Pure Package.”

~ CC, Wimbledon, London