“The Pure Package Has Changed My Life”

“By way of feedback, well, what can I say? The programme has completely revolutionised my relationship with food. 7 years ago, I lost about 21 kilos (going from 112 to about 91 kilos), and I was eating really well. Over the years, that changed, and for the past several months, until I started TPP, I suffered daily from appalling heartburn, and was quaffing Gaviscon as though it were water. I ate far too much, and of the wrong sorts of foods, especially as time wore on. Delicious burgers (not McDonalds muck – gastro pub style food is what I mean), pizzas, bread and butter, cakes, biscuits, crisps, sweets – all those things which one knows are bad, but which are too tempting – made up part of my everyday diet. I would attempt to fool myself by having salads for supper, but these would be monumental, and typically eaten with cheese and cold meats.

The Pure Package has changed my life. My lethargy has gone, I have so much more energy and am much more alert. I am rarely hungry, I feel better in myself, and in total thus far I have lost 13.5 kilos. I weighed myself this morning, and currently weigh 89.4 kilos, which is the lightest I have been for easily 10 years, maybe much more. I was wearing a small fraction of my wardrobe, but can now fit into most clothes with ease. Most importantly, I am really enjoying eating healthy, fresh food. I have not missed coffee (which I no longer drink as it also gives me heartburn), or tea, and I don’t particularly miss alcohol any more either, though I do have a glass of wine or two at the weekend (and run it off the next day!).

I have another few kilos to go before I’m at my optimum weight, but overall thus far I am incredibly happy with the results.”

~ SH, London