“Lost 1 Stone So Far”

“I am fast approaching the end of my 30 day food package which I am very sad about since I am going to miss it greatly. I have so far lost almost a stone and feel so much better. The first two to three weeks of a diet for me were always the most challenging and mostly I failed due to lack of time or organisation, so having the deliveries has allowed me to see what weight loss is possible for me with the commitment to being organised – and it’s something I really want to carry on with once this Pure Package has finished.

The hugely varied range of food I have been exposed to in the last month has been brilliant. It’s made me realise that I like so many more foods than I thought. It has also made me realise that you can feel fully satisfied with smaller portions of the right foods. Some of the smallest dishes really surprised me on the taste  and satiety front. The biggest being the breakfast of oatcakes, cottage cheese and tomato – and the Asian broth and some of the veg dishes.

Favourite dishes and snacks were the bircher mueslis, the salmon fishcakes, the amazing banana and date cake and banana and blueberry muffin, the ginger and tamari guinea fowl, (the bean mash is genius!) the Asian broth, and omelettes.

The package has got me off to a great start for my weight loss and fundamentally helped me to really change some key things. I realise now how much of my eating and drinking was for comfort. I’m not going to claim I abstained altogether throughout this plan, but what I did allow myself was a vast improvement on what I had been indulging in previously…and I still lost weight.

Thank you – you have given me the momentum (which I lacked) to really sort out my weight problems, and I now know that good nutrition is the key to success. The exposure you have given me to such healthy and tasty food has been fantastic, something that doesn’t happen with the likes of weight watchers etc.”

~ Clare Durrant