Stubborn weight loss Stubborn weight loss

Delighted Client Loses 1 Stone

“I went onto The Pure Package Weight Loss Programme in October 2011 following the realisation that my New Year’s resolution to lose weight, made 10 months prior, had failed miserably YET again.

With Christmas a few months away, I decided to do something to change the pattern.

I didn’t have a huge amount to lose (7-8 kilos to my dream weight), but it was nonetheless 7 or 8 stubborn kilos that I seemed unable to shift.   It felt as if I was destined to live with it.

I’d follow a strict healthy eating plan of my own, start to lose weight, but consistently fail to continue losing due to feeling constantly hungry (read starving), and deprived. I’d be thinking about food 24/7 and end up eating really badly in frequent ‘I give up’ moments. That last 4 or so kilos can be notoriously difficult to shift.

Since being on The Pure Package I have not only lost a stone, but I can wear things I haven’t been able to fit into for years and have never felt hungry or deprived.   Temptation was eliminated as I had all the food I needed for the day, and best of all the meals were delicious.  The hot dinners were especially comforting and satisfying.

The Pure Package really really works! I can’t recommend their service highly enough.

With their help, not only have I started this New Year at my target weight, but I’ve managed to maintain my weight loss over the Christmas period – while still allowing myself treats.

A big thanks to all the team too for always being SO helpful.”

~ N.B. Kensington, London