Lessons Learned

“I decided to sign up for 30 days Pure Package after an unhappy time during which my husband had cancer (now happily in recovery), and a worrying summer when I had been comfort eating.

With both my son and daughter getting married next year, I wanted to lose some weight and also feel a bit pampered. I have found the 30 days absolutely marvellous. Each morning, it was a bit like Father Christmas coming, with a lovely bag of goodies on the doorstep. The quality and variety of meals was amazing, and the amounts more generous than on a normal weight loss programme. In fact Pure Package is not a diet (which as we all know will not work) but a wonderful programme of eating delicious and ethically sourced foods – lots of veg and fruits as you would expect, but also lovely treats like chocolate mousse and muffins. My husband was very curious (he did not join in the plan with me), but he is now looking forward to my making him meals incorporating everything I have learned.

These are the lessons I learned:

  • Portion sizing: you can eat a huge variety of foods, but half the helping should be vegetables or salad. Snacks should be two a day, and modest in size.
  • Eating nuts – what a treat, I always thought they were fattening – but combine them with fruit for a really sustaining snack.
  • No salt: took some getting used to, but much better for me as I have high blood pressure; I won’t go back to salt!
  • Wheat free: no bloating now. The bread is delicious.
  • Lots of fish and chicken, but only small amounts of red meat.

I am really hoping that you will produce a cookbook, because if we all try to make our own healthy meals using your recipes, this will not affect your service adversely. No one person could achieve the amazing variety of veg, salads, sauces and fruits you provide, and having someone to do it for you is the ultimate luxury. However, you do set people on the right path, and yes, I did lose weight. My cravings to comfort eat have gone too.”