“Energised and Lost Weight”

“I had spent the best part of the last decade struggling to keep my weight under control.

In my late teens I still weighed 58kgs, which was a healthy weight since I am 1.63m tall and I should weight between 58kgs to 62kgs. I could sit here and list a myriad of reasons in order to explain why I put on weight. The simple truth is – I was eating far more than I should have been and had almost completely eliminated exercise from my daily routine. It’s not rocket science.

In a bid to lose weight, I had tried numerous diets, various deceitful quick fix solutions, drastic exercise regimes and had even consulted nutritionists…Whilst all this was going on, two of my friends had actually tried out The Pure Package. They wouldn’t stop saying how fantastic it was and although I was rather dubious, I just couldn’t ignore the fact that they had lost weight and looked absolutely radiant. I decided that I would try it out for a month.

My skin is much better and I feel really energised. Best of all, just one month and a half in, I have lost nearly 10kgs. I have ridiculously sophisticated scales and I can tell you that I haven’t lost any water or muscle mass, just pure fat! Even my level of visceral fat has gone down. Of course, I’ve also been exercising as I’ve found it much easier to incorporate physical activities in to my daily routine. Instead of focusing all my energy into frenetically calorie counting, I’ve been able to leisurely plan my exercise routine. I try to walk 10,000 steps a day on weekdays and do some exercises at home if I don’t already have an “exercise date” booked with a close friend after work.

The service is excellent, from the immense support given by the professional staff to the high calibre of the food. Every morning I have a delicious new range of gourmet food left on my doorstep. The meals are really balanced and best of all… divine. Mouth-watering gastronomy in humble black containers. The team of nutritionists put into practice the advice that I was once given on portion sizes and healthy options and the chefs take all the hassle out of the preparation. From experience, cooking when trying to lose weight can be tricky, not only because you may feel the desire to tip in a bit more rice in the pan because you’re hungry, but also because your meals may be getting rather repetitive. If boredom is an issue, then The Pure Package certainly has more than enough variety to conquer the problem. I can quite happily sit with my friends in a restaurant drinking Green Tea because it’s not just my dinner that is worthy of a restaurant experience, but my breakfast, lunch and snacks too. The team have also been helpful with regards to choosing the most suitable items on the menu when I needed to go out to social functions.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’ve already purchased another three months and will undoubtedly continue with Pure Package until I reach the ideal weight for my height. The financial investment is certainly considerable – all the more so in these troubled times – but I’m not just losing weight, I’m also losing a burden that I’ve been carrying around with me for the last ten years. Plus, it’s cheaper than something a lot more drastic like surgery. If you’re reading this because you’re hesitating, don’t. If you stick to it then you’ll be on a guaranteed road to success. As for me, I’ll keep on going and will keep you updated.”

~ Larissa, Kensington