City Worker Loses Half a Stone

“Having won The Pure Package deliveries for 30 days from the Reebok Gym near where I work in Canary Wharf, I wasn’t sure at first as to what I had won, let alone what I was about to expect to receive for the next 4 weeks. Each day at 6am my delivery was waiting for me, packaged and ready to consume. The first two weeks was a pleasant surprise to see what I would get and I looked forward to finding out what I had waiting for me for breakfast, lunch and dinner that day.

The Pure Package has really changed my relationship with food and it’s trained me to eat properly, at regular intervals and lowered my food cravings throughout the day. The food itself was very nicely packaged and easy to take with me to work. I was conscious of the portion sizes that the meals would come in, but was very surprised to find the portions the right size and amounts and never left me hungry or disappointed. The Pure Package team were also very helpful in adopting my foods to what I liked and disliked.

The programme and experience has been truly wonderful. I have lost just over half a stone over the last 30 days and its been a great confidence booster with my work colleagues and family commenting on a number of occasions as to the effect it has had on me. They have also looked on enviously each day as I pulled out my packages of food and the menus of what I was going to expect.”

~ NC, Canary Wharf