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Busy City Worker Has Weight Loss Success

“Three years of working 12-18 hour days (and far too many weekends) left me with lazy eating habits and 30lbs of extra weight. Living alone also meant that if I did miraculously find the time to cook healthy food, I’d be eating the same thing for days in a row. Finally, I resolved that it was time for a change: I wanted to have energy again and to feel good about the way I looked. Enter Pure Package.

A little over a year later, my workload is still intense but there are 15lbs less of me to stress out over it. The weight-loss has been wonderful. But the real benefits have been the education and the extra ‘free time’. Sure, I knew about my 5 a day. But I didn’t know that the simple act of eating fruit and nuts together would keep my blood sugar stable – and this would lower my food cravings. I didn’t know what a correct portion size was. Most surprising of all is that I’ve lost my taste for empty calorie foods; the seasoning and the fresh ingredients simply taste better than pre-processed, high fat, high salt foods. All of these changes, on a daily basis, took less time than it used to take to order a cheeseburger on the way home from work. Incredible. And hopefully this year will see the next 15 lbs. come off.

Thank you Pure Package!”

~ EH, City of London