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Book a Nutritionist Consultation to make sure your needs and preferences are met

Nutritionist Consultation


The Pure Package private consultations are one-to-one sessions with our nutritionists tailored to you to discuss your health habits, eating preferences, and long-term goals to help you receive the best plan for your needs.

Before the appointment, you will be sent a pre-assessment questionnaire to fill out so that we are able to learn more about you and what you want from the plan. This will help our nutritionists tailor their advice. This questionnaire will require you to fill out some personal details, such as height, current weight, goal weight, age, current eating and exercise habits, and any medical conditions you have. Our nutritionists will use this information to help inform your consultation and make sure you are getting the most suitable information.



Our nutritional consultant will begin by letting you know the purpose of the consultation, which will be all about you- your goals, dietary symptoms or complaints, or any medical conditions. This consultation aims to inform you of the best Pure Package plan for you, but you may find you gain some more great knowledge and tips along the way.

Your habits and lifestyle

You will then be asked to tell us all about your current diet and eating habits, as this will help show us what foods you enjoy or dislike, as well as show us if you are under or overeating any particular foods. Now is when you will let us know what your health, weight-loss, or other goals are through The Pure Package.

We will then ask you in more detail about any of your significant lifestyle factors, such as what exercise you partake in, your sleep pattern and quality, what, if any, supplements you might be taking, your alcohol consumption, hydration levels, and perceived gut health. Our nutritionists may give you some advice and recommendations if this is something you are interested in- this can be a beneficial part of the consultation as health stretches far further than food.

The plan for you

Your consultant will then inform you of the Pure Package plan that will most benefit your goals, and why. Our nutritionists are happy to receive any questions you have about your oncoming plan, your goals or any other things you would like to know, and are open to contact via phone or email. Visit the contact us page for details.


After your consultation, you will be sent a consultation summary by email where you will be able to review your new plan and double-check that it is perfect for you. After this you will be able to book your plan online or call one of our advisors to help you book your plan. Then, your personalised programme will be ready to be delivered directly to your door.


Book your consultation


Book your consultation now and find out what Pure Package meal plan suits you best!


  •  Individually personalised to your needs and preferences
  •  Convenient and time-saving
  •  A variety of high-quality fresh, seasonal ingredients
  •  Immune-boosting nutrients
  •  Tasty and filling food
  •  Gourmet food, ethically sourced
  •  On-going support from our nutritional advisors
  •  Customised meals delivered daily to your door