Discover their benefits that go beyond uber-nutrition!

We’ve told you about the many nutritional benefits, but you may also be interested to know the other tricks sea vegetables have to offer…

  • Applied topically, seaweed does wonders for your skin. If you’re lucky enough to be by the coast, gather up a few armfuls of whatever seaweed is available, steep quickly in cold water to rinse through, then leave to soak in a bath of hot water for a few minutes before climbing in, lying back and letting the goodness seep in! (Non-coast dwellers can buy seaweed “bath bricks” online).
  • Once known as “the Sailor’s Cure”, seaweed was for centuries applied topically for burns, wounds, and bruising. Today seaweed derivatives are used as a dressing for burns, and in gel form to treat psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis.
  • Seaweed is a fabulous soil fertiliser – just ask the many coastal famers and gardeners who rely on it for their crops and flowers. And unlike its chemical counterparts, it is natural, organic, and fully bio-degradable.
  • One of the major commercial uses of seaweed is the extraction of hydrocolloids from it – gooey, water-soluble molecules which is used to thicken not only food, but also common household products such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo and lotions.