Put a twist on the Little Black Dress!

Party season is upon us, and with it comes the safe and reliable Little Black Dress.

But while safe and reliable can be good, you’ll be in excellent company if you opt to break the mould a little bit. So consider taking a sartorial leaf out of these five celebrities’ fashion books, to really set the party alight!


Make like Angelina Jolie, and add some sparkle to your dress-guaranteed to get you noticed.

angelina jolie 

Think an LBD needs to be silk or cotton? Think again. For a rock-star look, channel your inner Gwyneth Paltrow, and opt for leather.



Your LBD doesn’t have to be paired with matching black shoes; Sarah Jessica Parker is one of many stars who uses her footwear as a way to add a classy twist to the standard party uniform.



Strapless or not? How about an asymmetrical look-as modelled by the queen of the LBD, Kate Moss.

Kate Moss


Finally, nothing makes a statement quite like an elegant dress livened up with a fun embellishment as showcased by the most elegant celebrity of all.

Kate Middleton