Pure Protein Plus Programme Launches Soon!

Pure Protein Plus Programme Launches Soon!

Thanks to feedback from affiliates and clients alike, we are happy to announce that, in addition to our regular dietary programmes, we have now designed a higher protein-based programme. With animal protein in every lunch and dinner, as well as a higher balance of protein each day and extra protein rich snacks, we’ve turned our current training support programme on its head – in its place we have the better and tastier Pure Protein Plus Programme.

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Ideal for individuals who want to include more animal-based protein in their diet – whether they work better on a higher protein diet or need more protein to achieve a specific health or fitness /training goal – it is sure to deliver.

If you would like any further information about our Protein Plus programme please get in touch.

Dan Roberts

“The Pure Package is integral part of our signature 100 Day Transformation packages and when we work with actors preparing roles. Our clientele appreciate and expect 5 star customer service and discretion hence our alliance. I’m always happy to recommend TPP. As a company we look foward to continuing outr close working relationship with them.” Dan Roberts, PT


Zinzan Brookes

“What I like is the fact that there are plenty of snacks so that I can eat regularly.
When you are training hard you need to eat frequently, when I train I need to eat 6 or 7 times a day. It is binge eating that snookers you so The Pure Package snacks are perfect.”
Zinzan Brooke, former ‘All Black’  Rugby Captain