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The DNA Diet

Pushing boundaries, our revolutionary DNA Diet Programme includes testing individuals’ genetics to identify what diet and exercise will work best for them.  We have partnered with DNAFit Life Sciences, a leading expert in DNA analysis to offer food programmes based on personal DNA and the bodies specific relationship with food. The first of its kind in the luxury food delivery arena, and you can be a part of it.

The DNA test analyses the way the body metabolises protein, carbohydrates and fats which when sent to the lab, builds a profile to outline the ideal diet, exercise plan, nutrient overview and food sensitivities. The future of exercise and nutrition, whether used to determine how to lose weight, beat the bloat or simply to recognise the right diet to adhere to – is here. Used in combination with diet and exercise programmes, this powerful tool can transform an individual’s wellbeing.

“We have always known that there is a link between genetics and diet, now at last the guessing is taken away and we can continue to help our clients manage their weight healthily”.
Jennifer Irvine, Founder of The Pure Package

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