Proven Weight Loss Programmes

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The Pure Package is the award-winning gourmet diet delivery food service. Designed as a convenient – but with a conscience – solution for time-starved individuals, we save you time to allow you to get on with the finer things in life, while helping you achieve your health goals. With The Pure Package your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all taken care of and can be tailored to your individual needs and tastes each and every day. How wonderful does that sound?

We deliver FRESH, ethically sourced, daily deliveries of restaurant standard food – where care and thought go into the sourcing of our ingredients at all times. The scientific and sustainable approach to designing your nutritionally balanced meals is just as important as the taste. On top of this, you get a 5 star service and 121 support provided by industry experts.

What the Press is Saying

“The kind of diet you love to eat – healthy, ethical, fruity, diverse…feel lighter – less bloated.”

“The ultimate effortless’energy diet’…a food fest…never felt so good…restaurant standard.”

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  1. *To be entitled to receive a free day, a new programme must be bought (minimum 10 days). This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.