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Nourishing Cleanse

“I felt energetic”

– The Times

“The lazy way to get back your pre-Christmas body”

– Tatler

We don’t believe in fads, but we do believe in the power of food – and our new three-day cleanse is the perfect way to revive your body and restore balance. Using only the freshest and most nutritious ingredients, this plan is designed to enhance digestion and serotonin production and support gut health and metabolism. Perfect for a new year boost. To maximise this, every soup and evening meal arrives prepared, while raw ingredients are prepped and packed for you to blend each morning for a fresh smoothie with no loss of nutrients.

Nourishing Cleanse Sample Menu

Clean, Green & Extremely Smooth

A creamy nutritious apple, kiwi, cucumber, avocado, baby spinach and sheep’s yogurt blend, with coconut water and chia seeds. The addition of collagen protein in each breakfast smoothie, delivers vital amino acids to heal the stomach and digestive tract lining. Collagen also attracts water into the GI tract to aid cleansing. This super-smoothie will set a high octane standard for your day. Loaded with pro & prebiotics, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals for every living cell. Simply add the prepped ingredients to your blender and wizz up.

Fresh Ginger Infusion

Fresh, thinnly sliced ginger is provided to infuse with hot water. Ginger is known to detoxify the liver and enhance sluggish digestion. Ginger is also well known to fight winter sniffles. Sip throughout the day.

Wakame & Mushroom Miso Broth

Our very special Miso broth, with Wakame sea vegetables sourced from the pristine Atlantic waters of Ireland is lovingly made in our kitchens using organic tofu, Shitake, Shimeji & Enoki mushrooms.  Enoki mushrooms contain immune boosting properties and are rich in brain enhancing and energy producing B vitamins. Sea vegetables are proven to chelate heavy metals from the intestines.

Fresh Mint Tea

Fresh mint tea is known to ease bloating and promote healthy digestion. Add hot water to the fresh mint. Sip throughout the day.

Fragrant Organic Sea Bream Green Thai Curry

Our organic sea bream green thai curry sauce is delicately spiced and creamy. It is served with sugar snaps, green beans and a hint of Chili, on a bed of brown rice. Sugar snap peas are an excellent source of vitaminS A & K. Vitamin K is known to be essential for bone health. Chilies are believed to significantly control insulin levels. Happy gut – revitalised metabolism.


The Nourishing Cleanse is a 3 day package and costs £139 per package. A blender can be purchased as an optional extra for £20.

To order, please call 0845 612 3888 or 0207 720 3250 to speak to our client services team who will ensure this programme is tailored to your requirements and suitable for you.

*Some offers do not work in conjunction with this package. See T&C’s for further details.

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