New & Improved Commission Structure

Referring clients to The Pure Package just got more rewarding!

From the 1st January 2013 we are increasing your commission reward to £50 per new client you refer to us!

Just complete the form here, it really is as simple as that. Any questions, feedback or if you just want to say “happy new year” please pop these on the form too.

Laura (our marketing manager) will then be in touch!


We all know that in order to attain and maintain optimum health and wellbeing there is a direct link between food & nutrition, fitness and other therapies. As a service that offers the food side of things it is important for us to link with all other complementary services so that we can wholly support our clients in their health goals – and help you grow your businesses too!

Affiliate-banner 2

There are a number of ways our partnership can encourage clients your way. Here are just a few ways, there are more so just ask:

  • Feature on our Pure Partnerships page

Our new Pure Partnerships page on our website is a great way to promote your service to our clients!  Only featuring tried and tested services, this page features what we believe to be some of the best complementary services around town. We also showcase the affiliate who has referred the most clients to us on a monthly basis with a large banner image – a great way to further promote you and/ or your business (and our way to say thank you!).  Additionally we brief our Client Services team on all our tried and tested services so that they can recommend relevant services to clients who ask / need help!

If you are interested or want more information email Laura.


  • Feature in our monthly newsletter:

With a large database of clients (6000+) interested in health, nutrition and fitness we often feature affiliates and “special offers”. We always ensure that each newsletter gives our clients something special – and ask that affiliates offer something exclusive in order to guarantee a spot.

This is a fantastic opportunity to promote yourselves to a high income demographic where you have the potential to gain new clients. Laura would be happy to discuss featuring you in our upcoming newsletters. Just pop us an email.

  • Offer a Pure Package workshop and/or sampling session for your team and clients:

We have had great feedback from our workshops and sampling events in the past. The aim of these is to demonstrate how our service works and the principles behind our programmes, how we can help your customers achieve their health goals and most importantly what our food tastes like! As the old saying goes, the proof is in the healthy pudding.

Let us know if you are interested … it’s a lovely perk for your team / customers to get some free, healthy and super tasty food! email us.