Do you blame your DNA for your body shape?

DNA (2)

“Fad diets are a thing of the past thanks to a revolutionary new system created by The Pure Package” – InStyle Magazine

Understanding your genes is like your own personal map to weight loss. Our DNA plan has been hugely popular with everyone from actors and actresses in Hollywood blockbusters to royalty flying in to find out how they metabolise their carbohydrate and fats. This technology has also been fantastic for Team GB stars and medallists Jess Varnish and Jenny Meadows, who have found these tests invaluable to their training and eating plans.

This technology is now accessible to you! By helping you understand how your genetic profile affects you; The Pure Package DNA Programme provides unparalleled insight and knowledge to help you optimize your training, health and diet.

A sample of DNA is collected from a cheek swab, which is processed at a medical laboratory where a personal report is generated. This will show you amongst other things, carbohydrate, fat and lactose sensitivities, exercise profile, detox ability, anti-oxidant, omega 3 and vitamin needs. Our team will then report the findings to you and prepare and deliver your personalised diet programme.

If ever you wanted to leap into the future of health and nutrition – this is the way to do it!

Your genes cannot change, but your lifestyle can.