Our Story

Food is what we do best. Yes, our service is excellent and the convenience of our gourmet diet delivery is second-to-none, but when it comes down to it, the fresh food we create is the foundation on which our success is built.

We are all foodies here and take real pride over the gourmet diet delivery menus we design and special care when preparing ingredients. We source as ethically as possible, with the provenance and freshness of our food being as important as its taste.

We believe that organic, free range or wild ingredients are not only free from many of the additives commonly used in food production, but have a natural flavour that factory farmed products cannot compete with. We never use GM products and buy fish from sustainable stocks.

The centre of The Pure Package universe is our kitchen. It’s the hub, the heart, the headquarters, the… well you get the idea: it’s pretty important. Without it, our talented team of chefs would have nowhere to design their delicious dishes.

  • Experienced chefs & an award winning team
  • Gourmet diet delivery service
  • Location close to fresh ingredients
  • Ethically sourced
  • Blast chilling to ensure freshness
  • High restaurant standard kitchens
  • Five stars for hygienic practices

The chefs here work hard to find good ethical producers and quality importers that share our integrity and love of tasty, free range and natural produce. This is helped by the fact that we are a two minute walk across from the farmers’ section of New Covent Garden Market – the UK’s largest fruit & vegetable market, where growers bring their produce directly from the farm.

Our Experts

Brilliant food requires brilliant people. Our talented team of champion chefs, dietary dynamos and notable nutritionists are all experts in their fields. They work together to offer you perfectly balanced, gourmet food. We monitor all of our programmes closely to meet your requirements to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Everyone at The Pure Package works hard to ensure that your food and our service is of the highest standard:

Jennifer Irvine – Founder

Jennifer grew up on a self-sufficient farm in the West of Ireland. A way of life that involved growing, foraging and hunting for food, she places real value in natural, great tasting produce from ethical sources. Her parents still make the award winning Milleens cheese on their farm.
She recognised that with a busy modern life in London it is almost impossible to source and prepare the best food and found herself feeling constantly guilty for not having time to. This led her to set up The Pure Package so that busy people, including herself, could get on with their lives secure in the knowledge that their nutritional needs are well taken care of.

Favourite Pure Package Dish: Ginger & Tamari Guinea Fowl Pie

Nutritional Partners

Victoria Cleary-Ford – Dietary Therapist

Victoria develops nutritionally balanced, delicious recipes and dishes for optimum health. With a post-graduate qualification in nutrition, Victoria became accredited as a Dietary Therapist by BANT (British Association of Nutritional Therapists). Victoria creates and tests recipes and recipe combinations to ensure all our menus are carefully tailored and provide wholesome, appetising ingredients that give the body a carefully balanced nutritional intake. Victoria’s passion for the science of food stemmed from an early interest in its ability to significantly impact health and wellbeing.

Favourite Pure Package Dish: Sun-blushed Tomato & Feta Stuffed Butternut Squash

Kate Cook – Nutritionist & Director of The Nutrition Coach

A nutritionist who believes that nutrition has to be really ‘do-able’ in everyday life, Kate doesn’t believe in something that doesn’t work or isn’t practical and is dedicated to making nutrition approachable and fun. Kate came into nutrition after her nutrition hobby got out of hand and she found herself booked on a course – the experience changed her life, health and outlook forever. Kate has a busy practice in Harley Street and the City of London and was recently the nutritionist for UKTV’s “The Truth about Beauty” with Martine McCutcheon. Kate has published several books, including Whole Health, An Unfit Mother, Be Incredibly Healthy and Drop a Dress Size.

Favourite Pure Package Dish: Miso Red Snapper with Asian Vegetables