Forget the Bikini Body-get a Swimsuit Body instead!



Swimming is fast becoming the celebrity work-out of choice (as evidenced by The Pure Package’s lovely client, Australian movie-star Margot Robbie, not only recently taking a widely publicised dip in the azure waters of The Philippines, but also teaching co-star Will Smith how to swim)-and it’s easy to see why! Here are eight great reasons to ditch the work-out gear, pack a swimsuit and goggles, and head for your local pool instead:

  • Convenience. Yes, you need a pool (or the sea), but no more lugging around trainers and headphones and water bottles. Simply keep a swimsuit and a pair of goggles in your bag and you’ll be work-out ready at all times.
  • Cost. Swimming costs range from free to cheap. (Of course there are expensive options also-as there are for everything-but this is an option, as opposed to the only choice.) Join your local pool, or finally check out your gym’s facilities-and if you’re lucky enough to live by the sea, take the plunge-literally! Plus, other than your swimsuit and a pair of goggles, there are no equipment costs. There’s absolutely no reason not to give it a go.
  • Low impact. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise you can do to minimise damage to joints and bones. In fact, it is actively encouraged for arthritis sufferers, and for the elderly , for whom falling and injury during regular exercise are real concerns.
  • High Cardio. Swimming is just a great habit for a healthy heart. According to a publication by Harvard Medical School, it is as good as running for overall cardiovascular health. (And even better, according to the same report, amongst over 40,000 men studied over 13 years, only 2% of swimmers died, compared to 8% of runners, and 9% of walkers!
  • Fat burning. During an hour of swimming you can expect to burn between 500-700 calories (depending on your effort).
  • Sleep better. This is just our experience, but we always sleep fabulously on the days when we’ve pushed ourselves in the pool.
  • Beat stress. Swimming is gloriously meditative-you breath and move-that’s it. Breathe, move, breathe, move…there are no distractions. Suddenly, 20 minutes has passed and your mind is empty, and you feel wonderful. 
  • And finally-Killer bod! If it’s toned muscles you’re after-and let’s face it, of course you are-look no further than swimming. The density of the water creates instant resistance, which varies according to your own effort. You’re also working out a whole range of muscles at once-including the smaller, ancillary muscles. In addition, the stretching which swimming demands assists in elongation of the muscles, and improved posture. (And if you don’t believe us? Just Google “Margot Robbie Swimwear”…)