F is for Fabulous (and Fashion!)



Yes, these stunning models had just eaten their Pure Package lunches backstage.

  • The direct value of the fashion industry to the UK economy is over £25bn; it also supports an estimated 800,000 jobs.
  • The first ever couturier was British: Charles Frederick Worth, who was born in Bourne in 1825, moved to France and became the favoured designer of Napoleon III’s court.
  • The Burberry label started life in the 19th C creating outdoor wear, and was renowned in particular for its hard-wearing gabardine and its angling clothes. It dressed the most famous explorers of the day, including Roald Amundsen, Ernest Shackleton and George Mallory, as well as the officers of the First World War.
  • Academics point to the rocketing post-WWII birthrates as the real reason for the birth of the British Fashion Industry: the 1960’s saw unprecedented numbers of teenagers, with money to spend and a determination to be different in styles to their parents and grandparents.
  • Whenever you see a slogan t-shirt, think of British designer Katherine Hamnett. She spear-headed the trend, adorning her clothes with slogans in the early 80’s (and famously wearing a politicised dress when she went to Downing Street to meet Margaret Thatcher).
  • A survey in 2014 found that London women aged between 30-45 spend on average £1,200 a month clothes, shoes and accessories. (Compare this to the average American family, which spends $1,700. Per YEAR. )

*Credit for the above photograph goes to INCA productions and photographer Charlie Wheeler.