Detox & Cleanse

Detoxing is a process that limits the toxins entering the body, and supports and enhances the body’s ability to remove stored toxins which pass through your liver. Your liver is a key area therefore for achieving good health and well-being. Its ability to function, rebuild and repair itself is absolutely dependent on the quality of the food you eat. By combining ideal portions of nutrient rich fruit & vegetables, protein and carbohydrates our menus will help to flush out stored toxins and help improve general health, brain function and energy levels. Our aim is to provide your body with a “holiday”, giving it the time to cleanse, heal and replenish.

“I no longer had mid-afternoon energy slumps and felt more alert. Like I’d had a coffee but without the caffeine jitters”

– Grazia

Detox & Cleanse Sample Menu

The detox programme runs for 21 days. During this time you will be closely supervised by our therapists who will re-introduce key ingredients back into your diet each week.

Breakfast: Coconut Infused Wild Rice & Mango Breakfast Pot
A Malaysian inspired breakfast made with coconut milk, Madagascan vanilla, wild rice and fresh mango served with crushed pistachio nuts.

Morning Snack: Pear & Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds are full of iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium and the essential fatty acid omega-3.

Lunch: Basil Pesto Pasta Served with Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables
Fresh chickpea spaghetti coated in a basil tofu pesto and served with roasted vegetables. Chickpeas are a good low fat source of protein.

Afternoon Snack: Crudités & Hummus
Served with batons of celery and carrot.

Dinner: Mexican Bean Pot
Lightly spiced carrots, courgettes and kidney beans served with brown rice and a wedge of lemon. Beans are packed with protein, fibre, iron and most B vitamins.