Create a new Easter tradition

There’s no reason to keep decorations just for Christmas!

While we love the fun and excitement of decking the halls at Christmas, we’re huge fans of celebrating Easter with fresh, vibrant garlands and decorations. It doesn’t need to be time consuming or expensive, but it will give your home a welcoming, spring clean feel! Here are three of our favourite ideas:

  • Place a thick base of straw in a gleaming vase, then fill with bright, multi-coloured eggs. For a stunning spring time feel, put different-sized vases in clusters around your home.
  • Source some un-bloomed cherry blossom from your florist (or from your garden, if you’re lucky enough to have it!) don’t skimp on the length! Place in a tall vase and as the blossom comes into bloom, hang delicate painted eggs from them with brightly coloured ribbons. (This is a lovely tradition to involve children in, they get so excited when the flowers start to push through!)
  • Consider making an Easter Wreath, it’s not as hard as it sounds! We use grapevine, from a florist, which we intertwine around a base circle of wire. As it gets bigger we then weave more and more vine into the circle; the less “perfect” it is, the more authentically hand-made! Decorated with small beads, pastel coloured eggs and tiny bows, it makes a beautiful Easter addition to your front door.