Cannes -" Le Scaphandre Et Le Papillon"- PremiereThink “celebrity”, “weight-loss” and “white powder” and you’d be forgiven if the shenanigans of certain A-listers sprang to mind. But it’s a very different type of white powder which is responsible for most red-carpet stars’ svelte silhouettes; and it is avoidance rather than use that is causing it.

We’re talking of course about a very different – and very legal – type of poison: the four refined white foods – sugar, salt, white flour and MSG. Known to celebrities as “the other white stuff”, these refined foods can be responsible not only for weight gain and water retention, but also numbed taste-buds, digestion disorders and mild-to-severe mood swings.

Despite this, however, the UK is hooked; consumption of sugar, salt, white flour and MSG is at an all-time high here, while levels of obesity and depression are similarly soaring.

So now nutrition and weight-loss experts, The Pure Package – the original meal-delivery company on every A-List’s speed-dial – is challenging the nation to break the “white stuff” habit, and win a week’s worth of its sought-after luxury services.

What are the white powders the celebs avoid and why are they so addictive?

  1. Sugar: 42% of people surveyed claimed that they couldn’t go without adding sugar to their morning tea and coffees. This wondrous sweet flavour may give you an instant buzz but the effects sugar has on the brain can be detrimental. We all know from research how fructose harms the body through its role in diabetes, obesity and fatty liver, but a study by UCLA was the first to uncover how the sweetener influences the brain. The study showed how a diet steadily high in fructose slows the brain, hampering memory and learning, also showing how omega-3 fatty acids can counteract the disruption.
  2. Salt: The amount of salt you eat has a direct effect on your blood pressure and on the water retained by the body, which in turn affects weight. Water retention – bloating – can ruin your mood on a good day, making you feel irritable and uncomfortable. The more salt you eat, the higher your blood pressure and the greater the strain on your heart, arteries, kidneys and brain. Plus it numbs our taste buds, so we lose the ability to taste without it.
  3. MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a salt that is chemically converted into a flavour enhancer. With so many of us not even knowing what the side effects are, it makes them easy to be masked. Side effects of eating foods containing MSG are similar to those of an allergic reaction causing inflammation throughout all of the body’s systems, as well as triggering bloating.
  4. White flour: The UK’s huge increases in intolerances to white flour has largely been caused by the huge increase in its consumption. White flour can be hidden in rye bread and even sourdough rolls, not to mention all the white pasta and healthy ‘go to’ cous cous we get through. White flour can cause puffiness and Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms as well as uncomfortable water retention but we eat it so much we can be blind to the symptoms.

‘‘When we stop overindulging in the white powders especially salt and refined carbohydrates bloating reduces, meaning pounds are dropped in days” – Jennifer Irvine, The Pure Package.

To solve the problem, you first need to know the problem, and then need to find the solution.

This is where The Pure Package can help. As experts in nutrition and luxury food delivery we have taken thousands of people off the white stuff in the past 11 years. Having first-hand accounts of what the individuals go through, we have created food packages to support a ‘cold turkey’ transformation, managing clients day by day and guiding them into better health, for the long term.

By taking The Pure Package challenge and breaking the ‘white stuff’ habit, we are confident you’ll experience weight loss, less cravings and fewer food-related mood swings – as well as independently-thinking taste buds.

So give your body and your brain a break, and see if you have what it takes to take on a Celebrity-Style Challenge!

Find out more about our Weight Loss Programme here or call client services on 0207 720 3250 to see how we can help you.