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We offer different commission schemes to suit your business in the form of:

  1. Standard commission paid in £ for every new client you send us;
  2. Offering your clients added value or free days OR
  3. Linking commission schemes to your team’s payroll

We understand that in order to attain and maintain optimum health and wellbeing there is a direct link between nutrition, fitness and other therapies. As such,
we are always interested in building relationships with individuals and companies that complement our service. We want to offer our clients the chance to sort every aspect of their life to ensure it is healthier so that they have more time to get on with the finer things in life.
We will work directly with you to create the right programme that will ensure your client achieves the
best results.
Based on the principles of the ‘Perfectly Balanced Diet’ and portion control, The Pure Package is the leading UK Company of its type to deliver fresh, locally and ethically sourced, restaurant-standard food, daily. We offer our clients 1-2-1 support and a 5 star service that is second to none, maintaining confidentiality, trust and discretion at all times.
To become a referee complete the form here and our marketing manager will be in touch to confirm we have received it. If you have any further questions please give
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What People are Saying

“There are countless ‘fad’ diets available which can in fact sabotage a person’s
weight loss attempts. The Pure Package
offers a perfectly balanced approach to
eating healthily which is nutritious and sustainable as it provides you with your
daily requirement of essential nutrients.”

“In order for my clients to achieve great results they need to combine exercise with a healthy eating programme. The Pure Package takes away the hassle of meal planning and preparation by providing delicious and nutritious food that has helped many of my clients achieve their goals.”


Kate Cook
Dan Roberts
Personal Trainer

How We Can Help

  • Proven weight loss, detox and maintenance programmes that deliver results
  • Balanced diet based on government recommendations
  • Minimum 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day
  • Minimum 1 portion of essential fat per day
  • Personal telephone support from therapists
  • Variety to prevent food boredom
  • Portion controlled goal guidance
  • No need to plan, shop or prepare, saving time
  • Help to break old habits
  • Convenience with a conscience