Japanese Boost

This exquisite menu for three days may be just the solution for those who cannot commit to our longer programmes. This programme with a Japanese influence was devised by our expert nutritionists; the five star restaurant quality menu comprises a mix of delicious fresh seafood and super nutritious sea vegetables, which is designed to revitalise the body and aid weight loss.

Sea vegetablePhoto credit: Paul Winch-Furnesss such as seaweed are proven to be a fantastic source of protein, vitamins and minerals; and account for 10% of the overall Japanese diet. Some varieties can contain up to ten times more calcium in a single teaspoon than a glass of milk and are amazing for rebalancing hormones, reducing bloating and lowering blood cholesterol levels. Naturally low in calories, high in nutrients, dairy, gluten and meat free, we understand why our clients, journalists and health professionals can’t get enough.


‘It’s like eating at Nobu’ The Daily Mail

“Miso snapper & vegetable stir-fry for dinner – delicious” Health & Fitness

“A chic cooler bag filled with fresh, inspired dishes – from sushi to kiwi salads” Country & Townhouse

“After three days with no wheat, meat, dairy or refined sugar I definitely felt cleaner & lighter” The Metro