Feeling a bit full?

Feeling Full?
The festive season is upon us and here at your favourite diet delivery company we, for one, are celebrating. It’s the season of goodwill, good food, and good cheer!  But what to do when you over-do it? Because sometimes – especially in December – you just can’t avoid the rich, fatty foods, the one-final glass of wine, and the teeny-weeny chocolate after-dinner mint….

There’s no easy way to put this, so we’ll be blunt.  For most of us, by the time December is even half-way done we’re feeling a bit… porcine. Rotund. Stuffed-to-the-gills.  Now we know that December is hardly the time to start a new fitness-plan, and that your healthy diet is just going to have to wait. However – all is not lost.  If your stomach is feeling the pinch – literally – and you just want to do something, read on.

  • Walk everyday:  Ideally, this would be on a blustery wind-swept moor, the weak winter sun on your face.  More realistically, however, work with what you’ve got!  The most important thing is to be consistent – do it daily – and to stride, not stroll. You’re aiming to increase your heart rate, and to get your limbs moving, both of which will work towards better blood circulation – because better blood circulation means better digestion.  And short-term, this is what you want to help you lessen the feeling of being a stuffed pig!
  • Eat meals at the same time each day and avoiding day-long snacking: It’s hard to avoid the over-consumption at this time of year, but if you can restrict it to a schedule, you’ll find that your digestion improves, and that awful stuffed, bloated feeling will be reduced.
  • Increase magnesium levels: Magnesium can be helpful in improving digestive health, so reach for food high in this mineral. Leafy-green vegetables such as spinach, kale and sea vegetables are great sources of magnesium, the easiest way to increase your levels is by consuming mineral water sourced from deep wells.
  • Eat leaves – peppermint leaves: Peppermint is renowned as a traditional digestive aid, and while some recommend chewing the leaves whole, we like to steep a handful in boiling water, for a refreshing alternative to the usual night-cap or after-dinner coffee! This has the added benefit of increasing your intake of water, which it vital to good digestion.
  • Finally, no matter how over-full you’re feeling, take heart: Firstly, nearly everyone you know will be in the same boat as you, and January – and all the good diet and health resolutions which go with it – is just around the corner!