What A Loser!


What A Loser

We are delighted to share an inspirational testimonial from one of our clients who has achieved amazing results:

“Pure Package has changed my life. I tried every diet there is but couldn’t keep to them and the mix of food and the quantities were wrong. I thought I was eating in a healthy way that would easily help me lose weight but I couldn’t lose it. I have lost one and a half stone, from 11 stone 4lbs to 9stone 11lbs.

The food is delicious and so healthy and cooked just as you request it. I am never hungry as there is always a delicious snack to look forward to in between meals. I am now a size 10 instead of 14 and feel amazing, healthy and my confidence has risen. I was never really “fat” but weight stuck after the menopause.

Pure Package has been my answer to weight loss and I will continue to use their recipes.”

-JL, London.