Prepare for the Party Season!


Party Season

No matter what you decide to wear this party season, the most crucial accessory is…you!

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll reap with The Pure Package-perfect for Little Black Dress time!

  • If you want rich, lustrous locks to crown off your ensemble, look no further than our Japanese Body Boost dietThis three-day diet has been formulated not only to showcase the purity and vitality of Japanese cuisine, but to promote the energy and anti-oxidant rich ingredients at the centre of the Japanese diet. Sea-kale, oily fish, ginger, sesame and miso are all examples of the integral super foods which you’ll find in this package. Each one nutrient and vitamin-dense, and considered by nutritionists to play a vital role in producing glossy, radiant hair.
  • Our anti-oxidant, and vitamin-laden recipes, using key anti-ageing ingredients such as watercress, quinoa and pumpkin seeds, are designed to optimise healthy, glowing skin. Which means you won’t need to reach for any jewels to truly dazzle!
  • By the time the first party invitation arrives, that Little Black Dress is often just a bit too “little”. The Pure Package offers a variety of menu plans, created to result in a fitter, more streamlined you just the thing for your favourite slinky dress! And irrespective of the plan you opt for, all our meals are designed to beat the bloat-allowing you to just zip up and go.
  • Finally, what good is your LBD if you don’t have the energy to show it off into the early hours? The most common feedback we get is how incredible The Pure Package has been at putting the spring back in our client’s step.  Our combination of slow-burning energy foods, protein-rich ingredients, and our insistence on timely and healthy snacks ensures that your body is able to function as its absolute optimum. Which means that there’s nothing to stop you from dancing till dawn! (Just make sure you wear the right shoes…).