Fine-tune your nutrition skills!


When we joined forces with leading UK cookery school, Leiths School of Food and Wine, and launched Nutrition in Practice-a unique cooking course which focuses on nutrition and dietary theory in practice-it filled a huge gap in dietary education, and was immediately successful.

This year, we are delighted to offer the course for the first time to professional and non-professional chefs alike-experienced amateur cooks, dedicated “foodies”, and anyone skilled in the kitchen, and committed to a greater understanding of nutrition and healthy cooking.

Whereas once it was the domain only of trained chefs to be able to provide a high standard of nutritional knowledge and proficiency, increasingly this is an area of importance and relevance to non-professional cooks-particularly food writers, bloggers, and those seeking to learn how to do dietary breakdowns on their recipes, and gain extensive nutritional knowledge and hands-on experience.

So whether you need to know how to cater to clients’ high nutritional expectations, wish to expand on your existing knowledge-base, or simply want a greater practical understanding of diet nutrition, this course-certified by the Nutritional Therapy Education Comission, which praised its’high quality’-is ideal!

Course dates-21st September to 30th November 2015. Leiths are now taking bookings for enrolment.

Please contact Leiths School of Food and Wine for more details. 020 8749 6400.