You are what you eat…

heartWhat you eat, when, and how much, has a huge impact not only on how you look, but also how you feel. But looking and feeling great is not just about food; here are our favourite tried and tested non-food ways to get you in tip-top shape in time for the summer:

  • Body Brushing: As well as brushing away sluggish skin cells, this is a great way to boost your circulation. Choose a fairly firm brush, and brush each limb in long strokes from the extremities towards the heart. We recommend incorporating it into your morning routine, it will really leave you glowing and feeling fresh.
  • Practice Mindfulness: While there are various different approaches to “mindfulness”, we take a simple view: every so often stop, take a deep breath, and be present in yourself. Try to calm your mind, think about your breathing, and be aware of yourself and your surroundings. Stop planning, fretting, worrying – simply be. Just for a few minutes, a couple of times a day. That’s it!
  • Drink more water: Yes, it’s the water thing again. We know we go on about it a bit, but we can’t say it enough! Drink, drink, drink! Warm, cold or hot, it’s up to you, aim for at least 2 litres a day, and you’ll soon notice the benefits to your complexion, digestion, and concentration.
  • Sleep: If you suspect that you’re not getting enough sleep, and most of us aren’t, try monitoring it. Keep a notebook by your bed, writing the time you are going to bed and waking up the next morning. If you’ve had difficulty falling asleep, or have been awake during the night, note that down the next morning. Do this for a week, to get an accurate picture of your sleeping patterns. If you’re consistently getting less than 7 hours’ a night, you need to change your habits, aiming for between 7-9 hours a day.