The V-Word… Variety!

A box of chocolates? A bunch of flowers? Surely you can do better than that this Valentine’s Day!

Here at the Pure Package we want to help you avoid the traditional Valentine’s Day clichés. So instead of:

A shop-bought card:

Try commissioning an artist’s work in card form, depicting an event or venue special to your relationship.

Dinner for two at a jam-packed restaurant:

Try dinner a deux at home, prepared in your kitchen by a world-class chef and served by a knowledgeable, enthusiastic waiter.

 A bunch of flowers (yawn!):

Try a spur-of-the-moment trip to Paris to see Monet’s Blue Water Lilies in all their splendour at the fabulous Musee d’Orsay.

A bottle of off-the-shelf perfume:

Try a bottle of custom-made scent (and find out, in the process, just how well you know your loved-one…).

A glass of champagne:

Try a “Gigi’s” champagne cocktail, from Mayfair’s Gigi restaurant, (recently presented as the world’s most expensive cocktail).