All that Sparkles…

iStock_000025593129LargewebIf you really want to impress in the run up to Christmas, arm yourself with these interesting diamond facts (to go with the impressive sparklers – of course!)

  • That little ray of sparkling light on your finger, around your neck or dangling from your ears is at least a billion years old.
  • Diamonds are thermodynamically unstable and will, eventually, transform into graphite. (Luckily, “eventually” is many many years from now…)
  • The hardest substance on Earth is not actually diamond; it’s a synthetic carbon derivative known as a “hyperdiamond”.
  • Almost all diamonds mined – over 80% – are used for industrial purposes.
  • De Beers, synonymous with diamonds , was founded by Cecil Rhodes – founder of Rhodesia (later Zambia and Zimbabwe), and whose estate funds the Rhodes scholarship (which is named after him).
  • The association between diamonds and engagement rings was largely created by an American advertising firm – on the instruction of De Beers – in the 1930’s.
  • A heart shaped necklace from esteemed British jewellery brand David Morris, established in 1962, was the choice of present for Elizabeth Taylor from Richard Burton in 1965.
    And lastly:
  • The woman who coined the slogan “A diamond is forever” (a copywriter named Frances Gerety) ironically never married and died a spinster.