Going for Gold


Providing food that our clients trust and that is ethical is at the heart of our business and we pride ourselves in offering both organic and ethically sourced meat and fruit and vegetables that are in season and British.

You can be assured that as hydrogenated fats and additives like aspartame and MSG are banned under organic standards in British meat, you really will be as pure as The Pure Package.

We love food and talk about it a lot and we are all aware of sourcing ethical tea and chocolate, but what about the other wonderful things in life? Fairtrade’s new unique system now allows small jewellers, goldsmiths, silversmiths and artists to use ethically sourced Fairtrade gold and silver in their jewellery by registering with Fairtrade’s simple on-line Goldsmiths Registration Scheme.

In the UK September celebrates all things organic, let’s not stop there though, let’s go for gold in every sense of the word!

For more information on Fairtrade gold, please visit the Fairtrade Foundation.