Weight Loss Success

We’re edging into autumn and you’ve spent the summer enjoying the sunshine, barbecues, and eating al fresco.  If you feel you may have indulged a little too much (which is all good fun of course) let’s refocus, we are here to help.  The ‘little black dress’ is calling,  it’s time to get back to The Pure Package.


58 kg amelia After Weight. 127

Let’s not rush things, first sit back with a green tea, or some simple cleansing warm water and lemon and read this inspirational story from one of our clients.

So far I have lost 17 kilos (2.5 stone). When looking at the before and after pictures, it is pretty remarkable for me to see and I feel fabulous. You can see a huge difference everywhere, but especially in my face. I honestly couldn’t have made the progress without The Pure Package. I worked with a fitness instructor as well to reach my fitness goals which made sure that I kept progressing and maintained a positive attitude.  We all know dieting and working out can be hard to do! Anyone can do it with will power and motivation and I hope that these pictures give people just that! My initial weight was 75 kilos and my weight now is 58 kilos. I’m really happy with The Pure Package programme, especially since the diet and meals are so consistent and healthy.  I actually look forward to the healthy meals if I have eaten out or missed one of their meals for some reason. I absolutely LOVE the breakfasts; they give me the perfect start to my day.  I am a much, much happier and more confident person overall, and I’m looking forward to reaching and my maintenance goal.”

Feel inspired?  We can get you back on track to achieve your health goals and help you get back in control.  We don’t want to shout too loud, but party season is just around the corner and the LBT needs an outing!