Jennifer’s Corner – It’s BBQ Season

As summer gets underway our founder, Jennifer Irvine shares 3 different ways to BBQ.  

I always have a backup plan in case it is blowing British outside. I reach for my hot stones which when preheated in the oven are great for sizzling thinly sliced pieces of meat or fish.  This is a great way to get the family involved at meal times and detracts away from the gloomy day if we have had to bring the BBQ indoors.  I usually accompany the meat or fish with a warm salad and sweet potatoes. Fresh, wild salmon with a squeeze of lime tastes great cooked this way or slithers of fillet steak are ideal which can be dipped into an oyster and chilli sauce.

When it is glorious outside the family gather around the wood fire BBQ that’s outside my tree house.  It gives food a unique taste and it turns veggies a deliciously golden colour.  Try barbecuing courgettes with helium cheese and roast tomatoes on sticks which will look like lovely red ‘lollipops’.  For entertaining giant gas BBQ’s are ideal.  I recommend the Weber Gas BBQ as I can cater for parties of up to 40 whether they are vegetarian or like their steak rare.

Barbecuing is such an authentic way to cook, whether it’s to do big platters of meat or delicious vegetarian options such as corn fritters. For me it’s all about eating alfresco at this time of year and taking advantage of the long summer evenings.